Welcome to adderlib’s documentation!

About the Library

adderlib is an unofficial python wrapper for the Adder API, for use with Adderlink KVM systems.

With adderlib, you can:

  • Log in or out as an existing KVM user

  • Query lists of transmitters, receivers, and channels available to the user

  • Access many properties of the KVM devices

  • Connect receivers to channels

  • Manage presets

...and so much more! Well, a little bit more.

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to check out the examples on GitHub, but in general, it’s four easy steps:
 1from adderlib import adder
 3# Step 1: Create a handle to the API by passing
 4# the IP address or hostname of the AIM (the KVM server)
 5api = adder.AdderAPI("")
 7# Step 2: Log in using an exising KVM account
10# Step 3: Do some stuff
11for tx in api.getTransmitters():
12   print(
14# Step 4: Don't forget to log out!

Next Steps

For more in-depth usage information, start with Connections and Users.

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